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At FedEx Office, we help transform ideas from digital to physical by enabling customers to print and ship what, when and where they want—with the peace of mind expected of FedEx. We need talented people to make sure our customers have a great experience and keep coming back.

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Team Members present a clean and professional image to customers at all times.

To be thought of as professionals, Team Members must look and act like professionals. Remember, when customers see you, they see FedEx Office, so smile, make eye contact, be polite and show a genuine interest in the customer!

What contributes to professional appearance?

  • Friendly Smile
  • Uniform
  • Grooming
  • Name Tag



Team Members promptly assist every customer, whether in person, via the phone or virtually.

We do whatever it takes to meet our customers’ deadlines. This includes warmly greeting customers and genuinely thanking them for their business.

What affects the customer experience?

  • Greeting / Thanking
  • Phone Skills
  • Ensuring Customer Retention & Return



Team members listen carefully to fully understand the customers' needs; to give advice, and offer solutions that meet their expectations (i.e. printing and shipping options).

Remember that FedEx Office is seen as the expert. Customers come to us for product advice and it’s our opportunity to help them see beyond the features to the overall benefits.

What makes an expert?

  • Product Knowledge
  • Solutions
  • Expert Advice



Team Members use our order process systems to ensure accuracy in capturing customer data and to ensure the order is executed to the customers' requirements.

Attention to detail is key when it comes to quality. Done right and on time means:

  • Showing proof (or demo) to the customer for approval
  • Spot check jobs while being produced
  • Review completed jobs to check for accuracy

How do we ensure quality?

  • Order Taking
  • Quality Check
  • Done Right & On Time
  • Confidentiality



Team Members professionally interact with their peers and support other departments within FedEx to create positive customer experiences.

We work as a team to deliver exceptional service. Together we can achieve our strategic goals.

What affects teamwork?

  • Centers
  • Departments
  • Each other



Team Members work with technology on a daily basis to deliver our products and services.

This means, as a result of the training provided, Team Members become experts at using various software and systems in our centers.

What technology is used?

  • Machines
  • Tools
  • Computer Programs



Team members should be able to perform the essential functions of their job. This includes, but is not limited to: lifting, standing, communication and customer interaction.

Individuals should thoroughly review the job description to ensure they can meet the essential job functions.

What are some requirements?

  • Lifting
  • Standing
  • Communication
  • Customer Interaction



Team Members are experts in their role, and must be able to fill in as needed to meet customer deadlines. This may include working different shifts or in other areas of the center to meet staffing needs.

All Team Members ensure quality customer service, center cleanliness (inside and outside), and that machines are running properly. In-center cleanliness may also include janitorial responsibilities, such as cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, etc.

How do we manage time effectively?

  • Focus On Deadlines
  • Help Where & When Needed
  • Flexible Shift Expectations

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